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CHANCERS IS Where technology and passion come to

Chancers provides exceptional backend systems, web & mobile applications, helping companies around the world better their business.

Turnkey Gaming Solutions.

Convenient, and always-on. Mobility is the key to providing entertainment to the masses. We relentlessly seek to improve and extend our offering.

Software for Windows® is our passion and forte for almost 20 years, with a suite of over 300 games since the late 1990’s.

Gaming within numerous internet browsers. With the advent of HTML5, games are able developed with a renewed security and higher performance.

We have been very successful in our venture into kiosk gaming, quickly moving from concept to launch in a market that had not been previously accessible to us.

Talent. Passion. Experience.

Since 1998, we have been leading the way in the interactive gaming industry not just as designers of games and interfaces, but rather as the engineers of complete gaming business platforms.

Since the beginning, we’ve recognized that success begins with people. That’s why we employ some of the best people in the industry – seriously talented people with a deep understanding and passion for the gaming business. This mix of talent, passion, and experience drives the business, and our commitment to innovation keeps us at the cutting edge of the industry.

Our clients already know the difference; their success is the best testimony to our ability.

We assist our partners during each stage of the process.



With both online and on-site training, we ensure smarter and more effective employees, and management tools to bring them to highest productivity levels.


Business Intelligece

With our tailored reports, analyzing your accumulated data, trends, and opportunities that affect your short and long term strategies has never been easier.


Account Management

With our dedicated focused on strategy, leadership and relationship-building, we work to anticipate problems, to allow you to be proactive with the growth and development of your future plans.



You can rely on our 24/7 support team to have the patience and empathy to fully understand your issues and goals, and assist you in achieving the most cost-effective use of your resources.


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